Reduction Mastoplasty - Breast reduction


A reduction mastoplasty is perhaps the first breast procedure in the history of aesthetic surgery and is still today the one for which there are the most techniques and variations. 

Reduction mastoplasty is done to reduce breast volume, both for aesthetic and functional reasons. Excessively large breasts can be the cause of many problems such as back pain, postural defects, limitations in doing sports and/or possible psychological problems with repercussions on patients’ social and sex lives. 

Reduction mastoplasty puts an end to these issues by reducing breast volume and, at the same time, firming the breasts. 


The patients who contact Professor Dini for a reduction mastoplasty are women whose excessively large and sagging breasts give them back pain, respiratory problems or pain in the breasts due to their excessive weight, women who suffer psychologically because they do not accept their bodies, or because of the limitations that excessively large breasts can present in some work and sports environments. 

There is no age limit to undergo this type of surgical procedure. Even teenage girls who have not yet turned 18 can undergo breast reduction surgery so long as the mammary gland has developed completely. 


The visit is the moment when the patient’s wishes are granted the possibility of becoming reality. During the visit, thanks to his extensive experience and professionalism, Prof. Dini will explain the most modern aesthetic surgery techniques that aim to resolve the problem. 

During the visit, Prof. Dini will evaluate the shape of the breasts and nipples to decide along with the patient the most suitable surgical technique to reduce the volume and, in the case of sagging, emptied breasts, to give the breasts a firmer, younger-looking shape. It might also be necessary to perform masopexy or lipofilling, in addition to the mastoplasty. 

Over the course of the visit, the professor will ask for a careful medical history and will recommend specific tests, like a mammography, to be done before the surgery. 


Mastoplasty is an extremely customised procedure: all breasts are different and, as a result, the volume to reduce and the shape to attain are also quite variable. These factors affect how long the surgical procedure will take, which is normally done in an hour and a half but can sometimes last up to three hours. 

All the procedures are performed under general anaesthesia as outpatient procedures or with an overnight stay in the clinic. 

During the operation, the surgeon makes three incisions: the first around the areola, the second from the areola to the fold under the breast and the third along the submammary fold. 

The three incisions allow the excess tissue to be removed and the areola to be repositioned. Due to these three incisions, the scars are permanent but both a bra and bathing suit easily hide them.

Usually, a reduction mastoplasty does not preclude future breast feeding. 


Post-operative recovery for this procedure requires bed rest for the first 2 days, during which the breasts are bandaged and supported by a special compression bra. Normal daily activities can be resumed after about a week. 

The Professor advises the patient not to drive for the first 3-4 days and to take a break from exercising for a month. 

The aesthetic results are evident after the first few days but the definitive breast shape can only be admired 3-6 months after the procedure, when the healing process of the tissue begins.

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