Aesthetic medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery are priceless and essential tools to combat the signs of ageing or to correct congenital or other defects. These same defects may prevent people from accepting themselves or cause difficulty in inter-personal relationships. 

Modern surgical techniques and cutting-edge aesthetic treatments can contour face and body profiles, creating aesthetically pleasing shapes by restoring volumes and linements that have been lost over time. 

Due to a higher average life expectancy and the growing importance of physical appearance in many environments, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery are powerful allies for those who wish to maintain a youthful appearance or correct flaws that may affect their personal and social spheres. 

It is important for the plastic surgeon, though taking inspiration from universally recognised standards of beauty, to be able to preserve the patient’s appearance and customise every procedure, seeking aesthetic results that are both very natural and in keeping with the traits and personality of every single patient.

Chirurgia Estetica Donna Perfetta