Aesthetic surgery or plastic surgery financing - how to request an installment plan

If you cannot pay for an aesthetic surgery procedure at Prof. Mario Dini’s plastic surgery clinic immediately, you can request a loan for a plastic or aesthetic surgery procedure.

What does the patient need to do to request a loan for the procedure?
First of all, the patient must make an appointment at the professor’s office.
Once the necessary surgical procedure and the corresponding expense have been identified, the secretary will help the patient find the most advantageous financial institution to request a total or partial loan for the surgery.

What documents are necessary to request a loan?
To request a loan, financial institutions require the following documents: 

  • ID 
  • Tax code 
  • Pay stub or tax return or pension pay slip 

If the requisites for a loan exist, the financial institution will provide the loan to the patient, who can then undergo the procedure immediately.

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